"FreeDOS will sweep the country as everyone discovers this amazing operating system. Windoze and Linsux will crumble and whither as their pathetic bloated userbase rides the waves of momentum of FreeDOS. No longer will we need gigabytes of hard drive space and megabytes of memory to support useless graphical user interfaces! No more will we have to deal with windows registries or linux distro's! No longer will we have to wait a lifetime for the computer to boot! Download and install your copy now before you're left behind with the mindless sheep. Free yourself from Windows and Linux and you'll never go back. FreeDOS will cover the face of the globe. Gates and Torvolis should whip themselves, engage in self mutilation, make humiliating appearances on Jerry Springer, move to a trailer park in a swamp in Louisiana, THEN kill themselves to avoid the impending humiliation they will receive. Anyone who would dare dissagree is a stupid idiot FanBoy."

Tätä onkin jo odotettu kieli pitkällä! Parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan! Graafinen käyttöliittymä on siis loppujen lopuksi aivan turha - nyt kun sitä on vähän toistakymmentä vuotta jo kokeiltu massamarkkinoilla - se voidaankin heittää järveen... ;D

DOS tuo nörttien vieläkin harrastama dinosaurus tekee siis paluun. No jo oli aikakin! =D =D =D