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Nyt maapallon lämpötila on saavuttamassa ennätyskorkeutta miljooniin vuosiin ja uusi El Nino -sääilmiö on jo muodostumassa. Edellisellä kertaa kun maapallon lämpötila oli näillä lukemilla, kolme miljoonaa vuotta sitten, oli meriveden pinta 25 metriä korkeammalla kuin nyt:
"Earth's temperature is dangerously high, Nasa scientists warn Earth's temperature could be reaching its highest level in a million years, American scientists said yesterday.

Researchers at Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies said a further one degree celsius rise in the global temperature could be critical to the planet, and there was already a threat of extreme weather resulting from El Niño.

The scientists said that in the 30 years to the end of 2005, temperatures increased at the rate of 0.2 degrees per decade, a rate they described as "remarkably rapid".


"The last time it was that warm was in the middle Pliocene, about 3m years ago, when sea level was estimated to have been about 25 meters (80 feet) higher than today."

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